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by Marq Manner | January 1, 2009 9:03 pm

St. Peters India Pale Ale (United Kingdom)

ABV 5.5%  Rating: C

This was served from the standard St. Peters flask/medicine bottle. St. Peters is well known for it’s Cream Stout and English and Golden Ales. All are excellent beers so I figured that they had a good shot at making a decent IPA.
Appearance: Light orange hazy straw color with some lacing and a quickly disappearing head. B
Smell: Kind of funky, defiantly not the typical desired odor of a well crafted IPA. C
Taste: There is a subtle signature flavor that lets you know that it is a St. Peters beer, but it doesn’t work too well with the IPA. Kind of dull and bland for an IPA. Some citrus and a bit of bitter hops, and not all that well balanced. Lacks the zing of a good lively IPA. C
Drinkability: It’s not horrible, but in a time when there are some fantastic IPA’s on the market, even by local brewers, this would sit at the back of the fridge waiting for a night where I forgot to stop by the liquor store.


CBoulder Beer Co.  Obovoid-Emperical Russian Stout

ABV 8%  Rating: B-

This was served from a bomber into a typical pint class. This is the 8th release in Boulder Beer Companies “Looking Glass” series of craft beers.
Appearance: Dark brown with a nice thick head. Two fingers for me. Excellent lacing on this stout that lasts for the majority of ones experience with this beer. B+
Smell: Coffee and chocolate with very little oak smell considering that it is hyped as being aged in oak. B-
Taste: Again coffee and chocolate (dark?). Again not much oak. Some bitterness which seems typical of Boulder Brewing Company Beers. B
Mouthfeel: Light for a stout. This beer is not as thick as your typical imperial stout. B-
Drinkability: The Obovoid is a drinkable beer and one that might catch up to you quicker than one would expect. Decent effort from a company that consistently makes slightly above average craft beers. B


Ommegang Hennepin Farmhouse Saison Ale (United States)

ABV 7.7%  Rating: A

An offering from the Ommegang family known for their Beir De Mars and Three Philosopher beers. This was served from a bomber into a goblet.
Appearance: Yellowish straw color with white fluffy head. Two more fingers. A steady lasting lacing for most of the trip with this beer. A
Smell: Smokey citrus with a some spice to it. A
Taste: Citrus with a spicy finish. Apricots and oranges. A+
Mouthfeel: high carbonation, with some layers to it. Medium body and very smooth. A
Drinkability: very drinkable. Probably too much so, as two bombers would be easy to put down and would put all but the hardcore drinkers down as well. A+

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