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Harrah’s 360 Steakhouse: yay or nay?

<strong>Harrah’s 360 Steakhouse: yay or nay?</strong>

Harrah’s 360 Steakhouse is rated as one of Open table’s top 100 scenic restaurants. The ambiance of the place may be great but what about the food? Does the steakhouse have mouth-watering culinary offerings or is it just another restaurant that’s all flair and no substance?

360’s menu offers a variety of food items including salad, pizza, steak, and desserts. Of course, as the restaurant’s name suggests, its specialty is prime-cut steaks.

One of the best sellers at the restaurant is the 8oz New York Strip Steak with garlic mash, which is rarely sold in American steakhouses. Surprisingly, the garlic works well as the spice elevates the flavor of the mash, which is usually just seasoned with salt and pepper.

In addition to steak, one of the most popular mains at the restaurant is the BBQ Baby Back Ribs, which is a half rack of ribs dipped in chipotle BBQ sauce. The bones fall from the meat, and the marinade on the ribs is just right. 360 also have a unique take on their scallops, which are seared with mango, blood orange gastrique, and fennel salad. The flavor combination on the scallops work, and it’s one of the dishes that makes this restaurant worth visiting.

As for the desserts, 360 Steakhouse has two interesting ones: the Peanut Butter Crunch Bombe and the Apple-N-Cheese Roll. The Peanut Butter Crunch Bombe’s sweetness is just right, and the almond macaroon compliments the dessert’s almonds very well. The Apple-N-Cheese Roll, on the other hand, tastes delicious with the restaurant’s very own cinnamon sugar. Both are perfect endings to the restaurant’s delicious mains.

The 360 restaurant is a pretty nice establishment that compliments Harrah’s in general, especially its gaming area. Harrah’s has made changes to its restaurants over the years, as well as added a variety of diners offering cuisines from around the world.

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Overall, Harrah’s 360 Steakhouse is a good experience. Its prime cuts are scrumptious, and the desserts are good enough to make customers book another reservation in the future.

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