Issue 30

The Dumpster: We’re Doomed, What’s for Dinner

Global Warming. Underwear Bombers. Gluten. Life feels precarious. I’ve gone beyond worrying about where my next meal is coming from to worrying whether I’ll make it to happy hour. To console myself, I make every meal a Last Supper. Not

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Isle of White

White wine has a bit of a stigma attached to it. Go ahead and get a glass when you’re out at Bonefish Grille with your ding-dong friends and nobody bats an eyelash, but order one at a bar, or God

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Natural Wine and The Bulzoni Affair

When does making “natural” wine become a crime? In Italy, of course, where craven bureaucrats are eager to jump in the fray of the great wine labeling debate. Last July, Enoteca Bulzoni, a highly esteemed Roman wine shop, was the Read More

Extraordinary Argentine Wine

Every day I wake up and feel lucky to get to do the work I do. As a wine industry professional, I am often a guest at fabulous dinners, I meet winemakers from all over the globe and taste their

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When did Wine Get Cool

Recently I attended my college fraternity anniversary/reunion weekend along with hundreds of other fellow alumni. Interspersed between the as expected raucous times and occasional flights in the wayback machine was an exceptional dinner, complete with a slide show down memory

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Beer Chat: Magical moments with beer

There are many correlations between the creation of visual art and craft beer. The artist starts with a blank canvas and only their imagination as their strongest tool to create images never seen before. The brewer also starts with a

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Bourbon County, Nebraska

Scotch has long been considered the classy, elegant, nuanced spirit in the whiskey family, while bourbon has been regarded closer to a toothless uncle. But, thanks to a spike in popularity in the last ten years, bourbon is starting to

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Crafty Cocktails

Yet another atomic bomb has landed in the bar and alcohol world. This one is called Craft. We’re in a slow progression away from the wonderful classic cocktails of yester-years such as the Manhattan and the Negroni, as well as

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The Julep

Every year, on the first weekend of May, the horses race. It’s the day for Churchill Downs, for floppy hats and sundresses, for an off-white suit, fedora, and pocket-watch, and it’s a day for Juleps. The exact reasons why Churchill

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Share our Strength’s Jeanine Markt

Share our Strength’s Cooking Matters empowers families at risk of hunger with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make healthy and affordable meals. With the help of our volunteer culinary and nutrition educators, course participants learn how to select nutritious,

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