Issue 30


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The State of the Cocktail: V Mertz and the Artful Pairing of Food & Spirits

In my continuing quest to evaluate the state of the cocktail art here in Nebraska, I have discovered some applications of this art form that are truly unique in their approach and inspiring in their passionate attention to detail. V

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Libation Conversation: The Old-Fashioned

It seems in many cases that the simpler a drink appears to be at first glance, the more complicated it actually is when examined more fully. Consider the Old-Fashioned; bitters, cherry, orange slice, sugar cube, bourbon, ice. Seems simple enough,

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Deconstructing a Classic – ‘Corpse Reviver’

Classic cocktails and their permutations are alive and well, making appearances on an ever-increasing number of cocktail lists. This necessitates, in my opinion, an exploration of some of these ‘classics’ in greater detail. Should you happen to run across one

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Libation Conversation: Crafting the Perfect Cocktail

Let me just start by saying that I think wine is terrific, and for that matter so is beer. There are a nearly infinite number of wines and beers available to those inclined to pursue them but, in the end,

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