Issue 30


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A Spin on Comfort Classics

Food is a big part of tradition, and Fall is the time of year for comfort foods. The long, cold winter is not far away, and we crave something warm and familiar for dinner. There are many places to find

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Gimme Sushi

Due to its landlocked status, the Omaha Metro isn’t usually the first place people think of when sushi is the subject. Fortunately, those who enjoy this Japanese staple have plenty of local options. Here are Food & Spirit’s top three

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Local Food

Over the past three decades (since about the Carter-era energy crisis) there has been a swirling whisper in this country about the safety, sustainability and quality of our conventional food supply. Myriad experts have pontificated differing views. Scientists blame the

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Food & Art

It is argued that a perfectly executed dinner rush in a restaurant is art. It’s the culmination of several talents, emotions, backgrounds and ethnicities put together in one large studio to produce something beautiful for the viewer, or guest in

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The State of the Omaha Restaurant Scene: The Past, Present and Future of Change

So just who do I think I am, anyway? Well, maybe the luckiest guy around. For a lot of reasons, but for today’s purpose, because I have spent the last thirty years doing something that I love, and making a

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Reviewed: Espana

For Food & Spirits Magazine’s inaugural review we decided to go with a different format than the usual food review. Rather than just one reviewer, we sent five different people, representing different levels of the culinary food chain, to give

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Letter From the Publisher: Issue 1

Welcome to the premier issue of Food & Spirits Magazine. It’s not much of a secret that people here in the Omaha Metro love to eat and drink, and this magazine was created for them, along with the people and

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