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The Dumpster:

Before the dawn of refrigerators, back when humans made ice cubes by banging chunks of glacier against their foreheads, food storage options for leftovers were simpler. You either 1) ate it, 2) it rotted, or 3) it rotted and you ... Read Article >


The Art of Baking Casually

I am an eater who loves to cook, not vice versa. But it’s time to ’fess up. I am a lousy baker. You want a rack of ribs? Fresh ravioli with gremolata? A béchamel sauce? ... Read Article >



We Midwesterners are spoiled by the options abounding when it comes to finding a thick, juicy cut of beef right here in our backyard. Throw a stone standing on nearly any busy street here in Omaha and you’re ... Read Article >



 I  grew up in the 80’s. My sister had hair that would hit the doorframe if she didn’t duck, my brother bought me a Loverboy cassette tape for my 12th birthday, and all photos ... Read Article >


Omaha's Largest Pizza Review, Ever

We decided to change up our food review for this issue of Food & Spirits Magazine. Rather than our normal, round-table style restaurant review, we wanted to do something a little bit bigger so that we could try food ... Read Article >


Fixin' for Chicken

I decided to go on a quest for some good fried chicken on a cold Saturday morning while driving around listening to the country oldies show on a small town AM station out of Iowa. I had hit a couple ... Read Article >


Wild Food

The magic of SpringIs in the resurrection of the Earth.Green life spoutsFrom under a crust of winter dormancyWhile we wait with our forksFor something fresh to appear. Poetry aside, spring is my favorite season of the year. It holds ... Read Article >


24th Street: The Longest Street In The World

Where’s the buzz that should be surrounding 24th Street?  Where’s the “24th Street has a lot to offer”, or the “Hey man, have you checked out 24th Street?” There is a ... Read Article >


Eating Fresh Locally

Anyone who has read books by Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin or Barbara Kingsolver has heard the same advice: eat fresh foods grown in your area by local farmers. It is the best way to get tasty, healthy foodstuffs and support ... Read Article >


I Want Some Taquitos!

From childhood, learning to ride a bicycle with training wheels in the driveway, parallel parking with pops in an empty parking lot. Eating spaghetti and the Twirling Fork. And Tacos. Tacos!We all encounter them in different ways, from T-... Read Article >


Home-Made Marshmallows

Hot sugar syrup, tricky gelatin and a moving whisk…the stuff of nightmare for beginning culinary students.  Why risk burning your hands, splattering hot sugar all over the workstation and making a gooey mess?  Because that won&... Read Article >


Omaha's Thunderbird Salad

The Thunderbird Salad date’s back to the 1960’s when Executive Chef Luis Villamonte at the Happy Hollow country club served the salad to his patrons. Peruvian-born chef Luis Villamonte created the recipe to be what ... Read Article >


The Comfort of Veggies

Are you the sort of eater who can plow through fresh tomatoes for breakfast, a bunch of radishes (salt only) and a nuked beet (salt and lemon juice) for lunch, and grilled squash and eggplant (salt, lemon and olive oil) ... Read Article >

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Metro Culinary Competition 2009

The timer starts as the students hustle around to get all of their supplies out. Banging and clanging can be heard all around as the pots, pans, dishes, and utensils are being drug out from their moving containers. Then it ... Read Article >


The Joy of Cold

Following in the style of his classic masters, Antonin Carême was famous for his grand banquet displays, highlighting his love for architecture and art and enhancing culinary finesse with his new variety of symmetry and order. His magnificent ... Read Article >


What's In a Name?

Macanudo, Punch, Romeo y Julieta, Hoyo de Monterrey, Partagas, Montecristo, Cohiba. If you’ve ever smoked a premium cigar in your day, you’ve probably tried one of these brands. Unless you frequent cigar shops, these might be ... Read Article >


Taxi Trouble

It was just after midnight on one of those unbearably hot and humid summer nights and my friends and I were ready to drift to the next bar. On a night like tonight, we realize, there was no way that ... Read Article >


The Regulation Fixation

Rugged individualists. Mavericks. Working class capitalists. These are some of the phrases that describe one of America’s last great hopes, the small business person. These are people with a variety of backgrounds from their race, education and national ... Read Article >

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Bar Chat:

The Dundee Dell, a true Omaha institution, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. I sat down recently with Monique Huston, general manager of The Dell, for a peek behind the curtain of this legendary pub.FSM: Describe the restaurant. ... Read Article >


Beer & Food Pairings:

For some of you, the perfect food to pair up with a can of your favorite suds would likely be something in the realm of a hotdog at the ballpark. To be honest, I started out thinking that I was ... Read Article >


Oak Aging and its Effect on Wine

Aging a wine in oak barrels can complement and contribute to the character of a wine. Oak enriches a wine and makes it smoother, richer, and sweeter. If used judiciously, it adds to the complexity of wine and imparts a ... Read Article >


The Aviation Cocktail

The Aviation Cocktail. The name possesses many of the qualities I love in a good cocktail moniker. It says everything and nothing at the same time. It provides intrigue and fuel for the imagination. It conjures images in the head ... Read Article >


The Sommelier:

As a cliché and a rule, men have an aversion to asking for directions. We are willful creatures, near-malicious in our callous disregard for help when it is clearly and most urgently needed. Signs along the road, yes, ... Read Article >


Yeast Inspection: Beers Reviewed

Lucky Bucket Lager ABV: 4.5%    Average Rating: B    Lucky Bucket is the newest brand taking to the local market, and upon sampling their Lager I have nothing but high hopes for their next batch. ... Read Article >


Cuthills Vineyards

While all of Nebraska's Vineyards and Wineries give us something different on the wine shelf than the norm, Cuthills has given the wine world wines that can found nowhere else. This all started as a dream of Ed Swanson'... Read Article >


Wine Your Friends And Influence People

You are an avid wine drinker. You have been imbibing for years and have amassed a small arsenal of memorable wines. You have visited a winery or two, done a bit of reading on the subject, and are comfortable discussing ... Read Article >

Taxi’s is a wonderful place to catch up with friends in an incredible, quaint atmosphere. The food was amazing, with a sense of coming home. I will be back.”

Dawn Pike “Taxi's Grille & Bar:

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