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Food Service Warrior: Why Serving Groups is Cool

Food Service Warrior: Why Serving Groups is Cool

If you’ve read this article at all for the last few years, you would notice that the writers were always, men. Not to say that I don’t want to hear what they have to say about serving or bartending, or the like. I do. Especially since most of the articles written were by my husband. But maybe it’s time to hear what a woman would say about this industry of “cool”. Okay, so what, I think what I do is cool. Can you say that about your job? I’ve met and waited on some crazy famous people. To name a few; Tyra Banks, Warren Buffet, Lebron James, and Alexander Payne. I don’t have a chat with them about modeling or money or movies, but I do find out interesting tidbits to tell all my friends and family. That’s cool to me.

If you are a woman in this industry – smarts count. Knowing wine knowledge and food preparation is invaluable, but really knowing how to multitask, and for lack of better terms, get it done. Everyone wants someone around that knows how to handle ANY situation well. If you are that girl – you can lead a party of 50, no problem. I want that opportunity every time it’s available.

Step up, girl, and greet the host of the party with a smile and ask “What will make this night seamless for you?” And make it happen! That is the best, when everything lines up. The stars align and everything is perfect for them (the key here is them).   That is what makes me money. They want the perfect party, and out of nowhere they would like appetizer platters and a $125 bottle of wine that they want ten of.  You pull it off without a hitch. What a great feeling! I get to leaving work with a pocket of dough and a cold beer waiting in the wings, or at least at the late night hang out. And No homework. What a wonderful day, and maybe the next day I won’t have to work at all.

Good days and bad days come, without fail. It all kind of turns into a wash in the end. But that day, that you walk in, and get the best party, you remember why you started doing this. You thank god that you went to the last wine tasting, so you knew some strange information about the bottle they wanted to open. It sold the night. And made your night. That is fun, when we all go to work, get our ass kicked, and show up at the bar ready to drink. You tell a great uplifting story about the wonderful night of knowledge and excitement and tips, tips make it fun. Makes my day – every time. Even when it’s eight long lost ladies, rejoining for a 55 year high school reunion. They are my party for awhile.

Normally six or more of anyone is fun. Parties want time and that’s what any server can give them. A party of eight in a business meeting they want wine, at least cocktails and lots of uninterrupted time. Couples are great as long as they aren’t “making out” the whole time or on their cell phones, not only driving each other crazy but me too. Cell phones kill –beware! Just trying to get their attention to see what they want for a salad unbelievable!

Big groups have rhythm, ebb and flow of what is done, and it almost leads itself. It puts me in the groove just like them, Cocktail, appetizer, wine, salad, more wine, main, then coffee, and desserts. Couples can do this too, it is just rare. Ebbs and Flows are what happen in this industry. I can’t tell you if I will magically come home with three to five hundred dollars, but I have a better chance than anyone in a “regular” job.

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