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Letter From the Publisher: Issue 9

Letter From the Publisher: Issue 9

While preparing this issue of Food & Spirits Magazine, our ninth, I had the opportunity to sit down and reread the original business plan for FSM. I stumbled across it while unpacking a number of boxes that had been in the office closet since I moved into my house.

Written in 2005, I was struck by how many things have changed from the original concept (Wine & Dine Magazine was the original name). As well, I was also struck by both, how insightful it was in many areas, while at the same time missing the point in others (it was mostly going to be in black and white).

The end of the business plan details the goals we established and thoughts on how we could carry them out. In many ways we accomplished a lot of what we set out to do; producing a national caliber magazine that showcases the incredible Omaha creative talent that is present in our fine city is something that we’ve done. As well, covering the dynamic food and spirit industry in Omaha and giving it a voice is also something I think we can cross off the list.

But we’ve had our shortcomings too. Being a native Nebraskan but moving to Omaha from San Francisco, I remember thinking when I first moved here and lived in the Old Market, that the different parts of the city seemed distinctly separate in many ways. Western Omaha was seen as almost a different city to many people and the same could be said for South and North Omaha, Midtown and the Old Market. We imagined FSM as something that could unite the different parts of the city by giving the food and spirits industry a sort of central gathering spot. After-all, food and drink are food and drink no matter where you go, right?

Somehow, we lost sight of that goal. As happens to all of us, we got so wrapped up in solving the day-to-day problems that we stopped thinking about some of the bigger issues that we could be part of the solution with. As well, FSM has always been a collaborative project on every level but, over the coming months, we will be adding even more people to the excellent staff that is already in place. More people equal more ideas and different perspectives and we like that.

All of us here at FSM are rededicating ourselves to those original goals. We’ve been expanding more to the west and the south and we will be giving those areas the coverage and distribution they deserve. As well, we’ll also be holding a number of events over the next year that will incorporate all the different areas of town. If you would like to be involved, on any level, let us know.

So all that is to say, we’re still pushing as hard as we can and always looking to improve the magazine and the way we do business. It’s been a fun ride over the four years I’ve been working on the magazine and I’m looking forward to the next four. And remember, because we do, that this is your magazine. As always, if you see something you like let us know, and if you don’t like something let us know that too – we’re always listening.

Erik Totten

Erik Totten

Erik Totten is the founder and publisher of Food & Spirits Magazine in Omaha, Nebraska. He's worked in publications for the last 21 years at all levels. As well as serving as a writer, designer, photographer and editor, he's also founded two publications which have allowed him to grow into being a publisher, which he would describe as his 'true calling'.

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