Issue 27


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Making Connections: Cutchall Management

The gestalt theory of history says that one cannot consider the development of any particular piece of the modern world in isolation. Rather, the modern world is the result of a web of interconnected events, and stands in opposition to

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Localmotive Food Truck: Changing late nights in the Old Market

On any given Friday or Saturday night, you’re likely to find a group of hungry people congregating on the corner of 11th & Jackson in the Old Market. Until recently, there weren’t many options for late night food in the

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Still We Rise: Celebrating Omaha’s Food Scene

Creativity is an act of problem solving, defined by how well the immutable constraints of the problem are met, mitigated or massaged. Innovation – real innovation – is different; it is the ability to change the parameters altogether. Omaha’s restaurant

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Omaha Standard: The Dundee Dell’s Fish ‘n’ Chips

Three-Piece Fish ‘N’ Chips – $10.95 I am no aficionado. Throughout my youth I had consumed perhaps a dozen pieces or fish prepared in the style suitable for them to be called “English Fish-n-Chips”. Most of those were either at

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Something New is Cooking at España

España has a new menu filled with exiting and delicious tapas as well as the old favorites that we all love.  Let me start by talking about what tapas are.  Tapas are also known as the “little dishes of Spain.” 

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Review: MCC Sage Student Bistro

For Food & Spirits Magazine’s quarterly roundtable review we paid homage, and a visit, to what has become, literally, an institution in the Omaha food scene – The Sage Student Bistro (32nd & Sorenson) at the Institute for the Culinary

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Reviewed: Anthony’s Steakhouse

For Food & Spirits Magazine’s latest round table review we ventured to an Omaha standard – Anthony’s Steakhouse located at 7220 F Street. Anthony’s Steakhouse has been an Omaha mainstay for over 40 years. In it’s early days Anthony’s seated

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Publisher’s Pick: Laos Thai Kitchen

Following along the lines of last issue’s Publisher’s Pick, picking the place that I hear the most about during the span of a couple months, I latched on to another old-school Omaha place that seems to be somewhat of a

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Reviewed: Espana

For Food & Spirits Magazine’s inaugural review we decided to go with a different format than the usual food review. Rather than just one reviewer, we sent five different people, representing different levels of the culinary food chain, to give

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